About NIMBUS Boats

about Nimbus boats

NIMBUS Boats is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of leisure boats for cruising and sport. NIMBUS is one of the foremost and most respected boat builders in Europe. The name NIMBUS has for decades, been synonymous with well-built boats which, due to their high quality, have ensured that the company has carved itself out a special reputation within the boating world.

In terms of working environment, NIMBUS production unit in Mariestad, may be the leading boatyard in the world. In terms of production, it represents a successful synthesis of advanced technology, modern production methods combined with traditional craftsmanship from a team who has been working with us for many many years.


A Life in style and Comfort

It´s all about enjoying life onboard whatever the occasion, activity or destination. In a NIMBUS you can be certain everything is in the right place at the right time
Award Winning Design

Award winning design that appeal to all senses. There is something to enjoy for everyone, whether you are looking for beautiful lines, functionality or both.
Superior Quality

High-tech production facilities, vacuum infusion technology, sandwich laminate, attention to detail and genuine craftsmanship. You really do feel the difference.
Safety - Power is nothing without control

Boats built to the highest standards, carefully developed and tested to optimize your experience at sea. You can sense it, and you get certified proof it’s true.